Costume Idea

Since I will be attending DragonCon this labor day, I have started on some costumes. First one is Poison Ivy. She’s a great character because she’s a bit of a non-conformist. Many incarnations of her character are available. I’m doing a cross between a traditional comic style and Uma Thurman’s version from the film.

After debating about materials, I decided to use a Lightly boned bustier/Basque that I found about a year ago that has been sitting in my drawer. It’s nude colored but of a mesh material, so it breathes somewhat. I will be covering it in two different types of fake Ivy for a more 3 dimensional look. Alternating rows of the two different types. I am using hot glue to attach it. Hot glue will make it almost armor like in feel but the boning in it will help keep it’s hourglass shape and hold the bewbs up. I have a lycra swimsuit bottom which I will also cover with ivy or I will make a green spandex panty to match, I have not decided yet. I still have to decide if I want to do green colored hose or skintoned. For the feet, I’m looking for green boots but not having much success. Everything I find is way too expensive. I may have to paint a pair I already have or go with shoes instead. I will also be making a cape. Most likely velveteen with a cinnamon red or rust colored lining. The hair is going to be the creative and fun part. I already have a auburn curly wig that is perfect. It needs some altering and I will be adding some sculptural feeling to it by adding some small buns and leaves, berries and maybe some small feather. I want it to be original looking. For the face and makeup, still sketching that out but I like the idea of adhering some leaves around my eye area or making a latex leaf mask. If I do fake leaves, I’ll have to spirit gum it to my forehead. Not fond of the stuff but we shall see.

I have the corset about 1/4 finished before severely burning my fingers on the hot glue. I’m going to have to use some tweezers and popsicles sticks to keep that from happening again. MY right ring finger is a mess. Lesson learned! Hot glue and skin don’t mix!!!

Raw bustier to be covered in Ivy

Here’s the bustier I found to cover. It will give me a nice womanly shape rather than some of the blob like shapesyou see in some of the “suit” costumes.

Ivy choices for costume


I decided on two types of Ivy to give the costume a more 3D effect and give it some texture and interest. I am alternating rows between the two types. I got these on discount at Michaels with a coupon. I spent about 2 hours cutting it off the vines.

Starting Rows at the bottom to give an overlappped feel.


I am starting at the bottom, rather than the top because I want it uniforma nd smooth when I am done. I will also be adding some different color (fall colors) at the top for interest. I am using all temp hot glue and using a stick to push it down. Still burning the hell out of my fingers, so now I am applying it with a large set of tweezers to lessen the chance of burns. When the glue dries it will make the corset hard as a rock, so fair warning. This is why I chose the boned bustier rather than a  bodysuit. It will be easier to hide the seam on the side and be much easier to get into by myself. It will also hold it’s shape despite the hard glue because of the boning in it.

Takes a ton of Ivy!


this is almost 7 rows done, 1/4 way up the front. It’s a good thing I bought a ton of Ivy because I am going to need it. My fingers may suffer the wrath of hot glue but I love the way it’s coming out so far.

More later!