I have the corset almost complete. I ran out of hot glue, soI have just a bit of the back to finish. The top will be finished last with fall color leaves.



Here’s the full front of the corset

Full front almost complete

 While I wait to go get more glue and some other things I need at Walmart. Here’s my ideas for the wig and hairpieces.


Poison Ivy Wig Choice

 Here’s the Styrofoam I cut to make the Buns. When I was doing theatrical costuming we used to use forms to make buns and historical hairstyles. You always wonder how people had so much hair back then but the truth is they used them too!

Hair Decor

 After forming the hair, I will decorate with leaves and various fall themed “Stuff”.

Still working on ideas for the boots. Thinking about painting a pair green and decorating with leaves. I’m headed to the thrift stores tomorrow to see what I can find.

Gauntlet style gloves and cape will follow after the hair and boots are done. Still debating about green hose, regular dance tights or a combo of flesh tights with ivy painted on them. I don’t want overkill on the foliage.

So far this has been a fun costume project and I can wait to get dressed up for a photo shoot in it. The makeup will be fun too!