Spent most of the day thrift shopping for belts and boots. I found a pair of boots for 5 bucks at the Goodwill. Leather with a stretchy back. Very comfy. I considered going with a stiletto heel like she wore in the cartoon series. But for practicality’s sake and for walking around DragonCon, the lower heel and well broken in shoes seemed like a much better choice. Plus if I screwed up the paint job, No big loss financially.

After testing gold paint last night on the inside of the boot. I decided to go with 14Kt Spray. I found this in the Floral section of Joann’s. It’s one of the nicer metallic paints that I have found in a spray can. One of the concerns with spraying shoes/Boots is cracking and flaking. It’s gonna happen sooner or later. So I’m sure it will need a touch up down the line. One thing I have learned about spray paints, they are not all equal. The 14Kt spray is a higher end paint, adheres to just about anything and has more flexibility than say Krylon paints. I’m not knocking Krylon, I use it all the time but the 14KT is great for treating clothing items.  It’s meant for floral use, so thus the more flexibility part comes into play.

Here’s the Boots with two coats. I’m still going to treat these afterward to tone down the Gold a bit to match the rest of the gold pieces. It’s pretty close!

Gold painted boots with 14Kt paint

I’m going to add the Red Cabochons and trim later. I’m going to have to cast Large Red Cabochons in Resin because I cannot find anything in the stores equal in size or color.  I know in the pictures of she-Ra from her 90’s update,  her boots are brown, but for times sake and to save my wallet, gold is a better choice.

Other than attaching the elastic (which will not be seen under the hair/Wig), the Headpiece is pretty much finished. I made this piece more to scale of the cartoon style. You will see a lot of interpretation on the head piece. I have the Anniversary She-Ra figure from Comic-Con and I can tell you her headpiece is Huge!!! Kinda looks silly in real life. So I’m sticking with something more traditional to the TV Show. I tell you some of the ones of seen online are either way too big or too small. I fall somewhere in between.

Headpiece front

She-Ra Head piece Side view

While thrift Shopping with Evil-Fx, I found this silver stretchy metal belt with a  cool buckle. I think the shape and decor keep in the theme and plan to use this for the top portion of the belt. I used the 14KT Gold spray (works on metal surfaces). Just a light spraying was more than enough. I think it’s pretty cool even if I don’t end up using it. Beside it was a $1.98 for a metal belt. Can’t beat that.

Thrift Store Find Painted Gold

I finished the collar piece, though I’m not real happy with it. If I have time, I will make another minus the puff paint. I’m not fond of that stuff at all.

She-Ra Collar

So now I’m starting on the dress. My longline bra should be here tomorrow and I can start basting and fitting. According to the size chart on the back, I’m going to have to do some major alterations to get a good fit.

Simplicity pattern 4070 View D. It has straight lines rather and gathered skirt. I think it’s more flattering on my body type.  Of course, I will omit the ribbon and bow and shorten the skirt.

Using View D Simplicity 4070

Well, off to work!