I did a test fitting today. Discovered some problems and now I have to do some tweaking. The belt is going to be very different, and is currently waiting for glue to dry. I have decided to re-do the forearms a bit. I need to cut them down about 1/4 of an inch on each side and attach straps to them. The cape is just attached inside the bodice, But I am going to have tack it in the back to keep it from bugging me when it falls down. The wig is one that I had already. I will most likely use it. I almost have the strap on the headpiece right, I think it needs to come up a bit. But overall I am happy so far with the result. Once I have the new belt finished, I think the outfit will be complete. I do think I may put in those clear bra straps to keep Wardrobe malfunctionings from happen. Gotta keep the bewbs up!