Well, It’s been since last summer that I updated.   Right now I am working on Two Costumes with a third planned. I have Mandolorian Armor almost done, just soft parts to finish. And I am working on a GI Joe Baroness Costume with Armor from the Comic Book. I had planned to do a Tron Legacy Costume but I hit some snags with that one but it might still pan out, if I can get what I need to finish it and find a good quality Lace front wig. I am not bleaching My hair again. Redhead I will stay!

Here’s photos of the Finished Supergirl Costume from Dragoncon 2010. I was pleased with the way it came out. I am going to Re-do the Logo on the Shirt and embroider it to give it a nice professional look. I also realized that the Plastic Paint I used was no good. So I had to removed the yellow with Denatured alcohol and start from scratch.  I wore this to the Super Hero World Record attempt. We didn’t make it so hopefully next year they will make it. Not sure I will join in this round, I go too much planned for this coming Con.