I spent last night working on the Checkerboard and gold trim on the underdress. I like the way it turned out. I have to make a fabric store run tonight to get more supplies for the applique designs and some shiny Bits and pearls for the trim.

Here’s the underskirt:

Underdress for Royal Dress

Because I have very little Photos to go by online, I have had to go in and out of the game to make notes and sketches. One of the things that I have to decide on is pleats in the skirt. It really does not appear to have any. After doing some thinking and a little research, I’ve decided that a circle skirt style dress would be more befitting of the Original Alice Time Period, The Edwardian age. It will give the fullness at the bottom that I need but still leave a slimmer silhouette . the only bad thing is I will need about 2 more yards of fabric to do this. So I have to make a Run to Joann’s. I hope they have enough left!

Another thing that is puzzling me is some of the colors, Mainly the hearts  on the bodice. they look white sometimes and other times look pink. It’s really hard to tell. They even look gold at times!! So have decisions to make in regards  to the color. I’ll be picking up some crystals and beads tonight. I’m sure it will take me forever to make a decision. Believe me you don’t want to go bead shopping with me. It’s an excursion!