Hello!! I’m back!

I managed to get the dress and accessories finished on the Royal Dress in time for Dragoncon! Since I got to Atlanta on Wednesday, I managed to finish up things in the Hotel room. Unfortunately I’m really not happy with the sculpt on the Skull. It also got smushed by the crowds at the con so I have decided to re sculpt it and this time Cast it in Thermoplastics.


Here are the final Pics!

Here is the back

Skull will need to be redone in thermoplastics.


I had a great time wearing the dress and ran into a few other Alice enthusiasts and costumers. I got a great response!! Which made me really happy. I was worried that it was such a small “niche” dress that no one would recognize it.  I wore it on Friday but had to change early to go to a group dinner. I wish I could have worn it one more time but I now feel like I can do some tweaking on it. I am going to add more stones to the bottom trim and redesign the belt and skull. This will be a dress that will stay on my Cosplay costume list for a few years.


I did managed to find one Pro Photographer who captured my dress that day. Thank you to Huey Bible!

Me walking in the Hilton Atlanta


Some of you may follow my Partner’s Blog and know that we also do Mass Effect Cosplay. I really like the next photo, Me as Alice , EvilFX (David Carpenter)  as Shepard.

We had a great time! Saw lots of old friends, made new ones and saw lots of great Cosplay. My next convention will be a small one in October called Nekocon. It’s mostly Anime but it’s starting to branch out to Video Game cosplay and pop culture. It’s local, so it’s worth a daytrip. I’ll either bring Alice or N7 Armor for the event. I will also be going to Orlando in February for Megacon. I got a great deal on direct flights and on a hotel within walking distance. Flying with armor is difficult, so I have decided to work on a more Travel-Friendly costume. I’ll write another blog on my future costume plans. Two of them are fairly ambitious projects with a 7-12 month plan involving body casting and sculpting. I also have two others which are primarily sewing projects. It’s going to be fun!!