It’s that time of year again. Dragoncon normally marks the beginning of a a new Costume Cycle. I hope to have 5 new costumes done this coming year. I would have made more last year but with renovating my house and moving,it just took a huge chunk out of my budget. This year I have several projects planned.

I started on a dazzler costume that needs to be finished. This will be done pretty soon and in my spare time. I don’t plan on wearing it until February but it can be knocked out pretty fast. I finished the mirrored roller skates and have all the other accessories. I’m holding off on making the actually jumpsuit for now. I started working with a professional trainer this week and I have started a hybrid diet that is mostly Chicken and vegetables with Protein shakes as a supplement. I’m trying to eat “Clean” food. Meaning no preservatives. It’s harder than most people think!! But anyhow, I’m getting in shape, lose a little weight, get healthy and hopefully a little buff for my 40th birthday next year. I was dreading this birthday but instead I’m going to embrace it the best I know how. Get in great shape and make a costume to show it off. So what is my Big Costume for next year?


Here you go!

I am doing some variant of Witchblade. Not just the Arm/Shoulders, the Whole Suit. It’s a daunting task. It involves a full body casting, Sculpting and working with several smooth-on products, mostly Silicone rubber. This is my major project for the next year. I will be doing other projects in between, but this one is my baby. I have wanted a full witchblade suit for so long and now I’m ready to tackle it. This will not be easy, I’m sure there will be lots of cursing and throwing things involved with this project. It is also expensive. My plan is to do it, do right and Make this my premier costume. I have seen very few suits done and quite frankly the two I have seen were ok but I feel I can do better. My OCD with costuming will actually be a asset to me on this one. This is not a quickie costume, we are talking time and money. I know it will be worth it to get a kickass costume!

My other projects will be a Hathor costume from the Stargate SG-1 Series. This is a costume to be used primarily for Group costume gatherings.

Goa'uld Ribbon Device


This will be a fun costume to make and I have already starting making a prototype of the Ribbon Hand Device.  I’m scouting out materials for the skirt and Bra top and will make the accessories using my jewelry making skills.

The other big costume I have is ..Samara from Mass Effect. I already have FemShep armor but Samara has been on my wishlist for sometime. With ME3 coming out, I hope to see some of the redesign on the suits she wears before deciding. For the meantime I will work on the Head Sculpt.

For those not familiar with Samara, she a sexy Asari. I’ve always wanted to be painted blue, so now is my chance!

I am involved in a New Group called N7 Elite.It is a costuming group for Mass Effect Cosplayers. Right now we are just on Facebook but a website is being worked on and we have a chat group as well. It’s great to be with other people who are passionate about Mass Effect cosplay! I’m the admin for the group and it just makes me so happy to see us finally come together.

I have one more costume but that will come later, it’s a secret project!