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Baroness G.I. Joe Comic Version armor

So my latest project is Baroness Armor from GI Joe. I’ve been working on the Chest for the last couple of days. I am doing a Two piece Suit for this one, as I plan to wear it for long periods of time. Wearing a Catsuit with Armor is not fun when you are in Costume for 8 plus hours. One thing I realized with wearing the N7 Armor was that Bathroom access is important!! I also have a Custom Catsuit being made for me for another project but that will come to fruition later this summer. That one will very much be my Favorite, a costume I’ve wanted for a LONG time.


So Baroness, GI Joe Ultra-Villianess. She is one of my All-Time Favorites From any Comic Book Series. Sexy, Smart and Deadly. Fits my personality very well. I know this Costume has been Done a Lot and done very well by others, but my main focus is getting the details right. the articulation in the chest piece and the leg armor is important. Here are photos for reference.

Materials I will use are basically anything I have already laying around. Sintra (Or PVC Board), Chest Piece is being made of ABS Plastic and EVA Foam for the Leg Armor and Forearms. Two Piece Wet Look Fabric for the under suit and a Custom Decal for the Cobra Symbol on the Chest. I ordered a Very High Quality Lace Front Wig and I am still looking for the Right glasses for my face shape. I already have a few Airsoft guns laying around the house and Already have one Tactical Holster for a Glock 17 and will likely use that. For the Boots…Heels are pretty but not when you are at a convention. I find that the heels with Wedges are WAY more comfy for standing for a long time. If you have ever been to a huge convention, you know how much standing and walking is involved. I swear last Dragoncon that I walking 8 miles a day easily. My son was gaming at the Hilton, Costumes at the Marriot and was Living at the Hyatt. Yeah, serious foot issues!!!  So trying to go easy on my dogs this time around.

The pics above show my First stage which was to whack away at a Display model Mannequin. It’s Cheap $20 bucks and you can buy them on Ebay, just make sure you get the ones without Nipples!! Even though I am a size 6 in the Chest area, I got the Plus size one because the Boobage is more in proportion with my actual boob size. They can be cut with a Dremel fairly easily but the plastic does melt a but so you have to do some cleanup and sand afterward. I measured, found the mid point and then eyeballed the rest. I then cut it down to the right shape and did a few fittings. The Stomach area will be articulated like the Reference pics. And there will be back armor to match. All made from Sintra plastic and attached with Webbing. This will give me some movement ability. Not being able to sit and rest because your armor will not allow you to bend is not good. Found that out the Hard Way!!

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Updating my Blog -Finally

Well, It’s been since last summer that I updated.   Right now I am working on Two Costumes with a third planned. I have Mandolorian Armor almost done, just soft parts to finish. And I am working on a GI Joe Baroness Costume with Armor from the Comic Book. I had planned to do a Tron Legacy Costume but I hit some snags with that one but it might still pan out, if I can get what I need to finish it and find a good quality Lace front wig. I am not bleaching My hair again. Redhead I will stay!

Here’s photos of the Finished Supergirl Costume from Dragoncon 2010. I was pleased with the way it came out. I am going to Re-do the Logo on the Shirt and embroider it to give it a nice professional look. I also realized that the Plastic Paint I used was no good. So I had to removed the yellow with Denatured alcohol and start from scratch.  I wore this to the Super Hero World Record attempt. We didn’t make it so hopefully next year they will make it. Not sure I will join in this round, I go too much planned for this coming Con.