Finished the hem on the dress. I ended up taking about 3 more inches off. And doing two separate hems. One for the lining and for the dress. It gives a smooth line and makes it easier to do repairs if needed. The lining hem is slightly shorter than the dress and I tacked it in about 3 places to keep it from riding up.

I finished the chest piece decoration and the wing-like decoration on one side. I used some red vinyl that I had for the molotov costume and put about 5 layers of craft paint on it. The upper wing-like decor has a fun foam backing to make it stiff and stand up. the chest piece has buckram glued to the back to give the glue something to hold onto. I do need to touch-up the paint a bit on it, but otherwise done.

To make the pattern for the chest. I pretty much freehand it on this one. I could not find a direct on pic of the chest piece. It seems all the screen captures have her at an angle. So using several reference pics. I just freehand made the pieces until they looked about right and sized them to the front of the bodice. I just reversed them for the other side.

Pattern Cutouts

 I then traced the patterns onto the painted vinyl. Repainted over any leftover pen marks.

I used a Glue called GemTac to adhere the buckram to the back and to adhere the pieces to front of the bodice. Stacked some heavy books on it and then let it dry. It does not not take long for GemTac to set up, dries clear and after 24 hours can get wet. Since the dress is white, I anticipate getting dirt and smudges on it, so I will most likely need to hand wash it in the future. GemTac was the perfect glue as it is used for rhinestones and attaching gems to clothing. Good Stuff!

Chest emblem

I will be using a different cabochon than the one pictured. I have a turquoise oval stone that I will be using. The one in the pic is used as size reference.

I started on the cape, well. Pretty much done with it except for adding ties to the ends and buttons on the inside of the bodice to attach the ties. Basically it’s a large draped rectangle. . I made it from some very soft satin I found. Like pajama satin, not the stiff stuff. It drapes really nicely., even lined with the same fabric.

Here’s my Cat Lily “Helping” me cut my cape fabric.

Lily likes the Red Satin too.

Not much left to do, just odds and ends on the She-Ra Costume itself. I still need to make a Sword and shield and the decor for the boots.